Monday, 12 October 2015

10 things from my wishlist!

1. Innocent World's Westminster Choir jsk (black)


I love this cut of the jsk and would love to own it in black. I really like that the collar is detachable!

2. Angelic Pretty's Melty Ribbon Chocolate jsk (Bitter)

I love this dress! It is pretty much the only chocolate print I like (and I love chocolate!) and I hope to own it someday in the bitter colourway.

3. Metamorphose's Pintuck Ribbon Tiered jsk (black)

I've loved this dress since I got into lolita, it was one of the first dresses I saw online. I would really like to own it in black.

4. Alice and the Pirate's Caterina jsk (black/red)

 This is such a classic dress in lolita, but I actually prefer the versions in a cotton fabric. I would like to own it in black, but I wouldn't mind owning the red colourway also.

5. Alice and the Pirates's Gathered Chiffon jsk (black)

 I love this dress and I really like how many different versions and colourways have been released. I hope to own this piece in black.

6. Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly jsk (black/red)

I'm not really sure why I like this dress, I normally don't wear pink, but I've always liked this piece and probably would wear it! I love how retro the red colourway looks.

7. Pumpkin Cat's Dark Plaid OP

I think this OP is super cute! I'm hoping to get this piece soon enough! *fingers crossed*

8. Angelic Pretty's Holy Lantern jsk (black/red- zipper version)

Probably never gonna happen! But I really like this version of Holy Lantern, and I'm a really nice height for it also being only 4' 11" (I've heard it is a little short!). Maybe someday!
EDIT: That someday came! Shortly after this post, this dress was re-released and I got the red zipper version for my birthday! Woohoo!

9. Krad Lanrete's Le Chuchotis de l'ete OP

This is a piece I've admired for a while, however I'm not exactly sure about it as I don't know whether it would look nice on me due to my small bust measurements- maybe someday I'll pick it up and hope it'll fit! Haha!

10. Bodyline's L325 skirt (green/red)

I already own this skirt in black and it is one of my favourite pieces as it is really elegant and flattering. I really want it in green and maybe red. It's a really nice piece!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

- Clockwork Cailín.

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