Monday, 14 September 2015

Lolita 52 Challenge: 10 facts about my Lolita wardrobe!

This week I would like to talk about 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe. It took me a while to think of 10 facts but I hope they are interesting anyway!

1. Black!!

My current college lolita wardrobe- my blouses are kept separately at the moment.

Being generally a Gothic Lolita, the dominant colour in my lolita wardrobe is black. This isn't really surprising given that it dominates my non-lolita wardrobe also!

I just really like the colour black, I find it very easy to coordinate different outfits when my main piece is black and it helps that most colours will match (very helpful when I feel like a pop of colour in my coords).
When I moved back to my university recently, I went through my wardrobe and brought mostly black dresses (I left a few pieces at home) in order to maximize the versatility of my outfits.

I'm currently trying to limit my dress purchases to black ones in the immediate future and will be looking for pieces with varied details and fabrics to prevent having too boring a selection.

2. Cardigans!

I love cardigans!
I almost never leave the house in lolita without one on. I just feel uncomfortable otherwise!

Cardigans for me are a must. In Ireland we have a fairly damp and changeable climate so I think it's smart to have one handy in case I get cold.
I usually buy mine in Primark/Penneys but I love Axes Femme's ones so I'm hoping to try and get a few more interesting ones soon.

I recently got back into knitting and am currently working on a cardigan- one sleeve complete so far!

3. Simple

My lolita coords are generally quite simple. I usually wear solid tights, a jsk, a cardigan and usually (but not always) a blouse. I use my natural hair 99% of the time and usually wear it down with a flower clip on the side.
While I love looking at OTT coords and have worn OTT before, I just find that I don't have the time to do more elaborate coords every time I wear lolita. 
Besides, as a day-to-day fashion (about 3+ days a week when I can), I think that simpler coords are the way to go. Plus, as a busy university student I need to be comfortable in what I am wearing.

My comm recently had an OTT meetup for our yearly Afternoon Tea- I wore my favourite dress (see fact 9 below!) and a big matching hat I made myself. Everyone looked fantastic! And I can't wait to have the opportunity to wear something more elaborate again.

4. Offbrand

Bodyline L348- I own it in black and it is a gorgeous, heavy and well-made dress! Easily Bodyline's best piece!

Most of my wardrobe is offbrand.
I have 3 pieces of brand currently (a Putumayo blouse, a Baby jsk and an Angelic Pretty jsk/headbow/OTK set in the mail).
I do own quite a few Bodyline pieces, mostly because they are pretty durable and at the time were an inexpensive way to build up some basics- plus I do have a few nice things from them!
I like Taobao brands a lot and so I tend to buy more from them. My favourite Taobao brands are Pumpkin Cat, HMHM and Dear Celine.
I also like to sew my own pieces too.

In the future I would really like to own some pieces by Innocent World especially and Mary Magdalene. Most of my dream dresses are by Innocent World.

5. Flowers

Just some of my flower clip collection- the three round headdresses were all made by me.

I love flowers!
I usually wear flower clips in my hair and try to have a few matching ones for all my dresses.
I think they are a very versatile, inexpensive and easy way to add a little bit of elegance to a coord.
My flower clips are mostly from Primark/Penneys, Claire's Accessories and handmade.

6. Shoes

Bodyline Shoes300

My favourite shoes are Bodyline's Shoes300 in black.
I prefer low block heels for everyday wear and these shoes go with practically everything I own. I also own a pair in red for a change.

7. Favourite piece of jewellery


My favourite pieces of jewellery are from the The Crypt of Curiositie over on Etsy.
They are a brand based in England and make some really beautiful pieces! I love how easily they fit into both my Gothic and Classic coords.
I hope to collect more of their creations in the future and they are a regular on my Etsy favourite list.

8.My favourite bag

My favourite lolita bag is my clock bag by Restyle. It is my main bag for lolita and matches most of my pieces.
I also tend to use it outside lolita too so it gets a lot of use! It is available in two sizes, I own the smaller size one.
I love Restyle's bags and really want one of their book bags in the future.

9. My 'good dress'

Pumpkin Cat's Anniversary Encore jsk

I think everyone has at least one piece in their wardrobe that they consider to be the 'fancy piece', whether it is a rare and highly coveted brand piece, one that has special sentimental value or simply is their favourite piece.
My 'good dress' is Pumpkin Cat's Anniversary Encore jsk in black, which was a Christmas present from my boyfriend last year. The stock photo doesn't do it justice! It sparkles in real life and the fabric is gorgeous- it also fits me really well.
I wear this dress only on special occasions such as birthdays, OTT events or Christmas meets. I usually keep it safe in my wardrobe at home because I don't have any reason to wear it while down at university.

10. Handmade pieces

My best handmade dress

My last fact is that I also sew some of my own pieces. Sewing is my hobby and I love learning new techniques.
I collect the Otome No Sewing books and currently have a few projects started.
The jsk in the picture above was made by me over a year ago, it is heavily inspired by Angelic Pretty's Pastel A La Mode jsk

So there we are! Those are my 10 facts about my lolita wardrobe. I really enjoyed writing this piece and I hope others do too.

- Clockwork Cailín

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